About us

Tommaso Cianchi A Traditional Craftsman in Restoration In his workshop and showroom one can admire the talent and effort he puts into restoring furniture and various objects all made exclusively by hand. Since the mid 1980s and up until today the work of Tommaso Cianchi has evolved continuously. He began working as a decorator for his uncle and teacher Pier Luigi Caldini.

Tommaso immediately established a name for himself in Florence through important commissions for the city’s Fine Arts Department, the Uffizi Gallery, the Archeological Museum and the Medicean Villa  in Poggio a Caiano. He has also established an excellent collaboration with famous local antique dealers such as Bartolozzi & Maioli, Spini, Paoletti Art Gallery, Grifoni, Paolo Romano, Vasco Peli, Giovanni Conti and Pitti Color.

At the beginning of the 1990s he expanded his artistry in important and noteworthy commissions to decorate antique doors for Pier Luigi Lecchini, as well as commissions for other important Florentine figures and international ones as well, one above others, Helen Fioretti from New York City. He then specialized in decoration and restoration and worked for some of the city’s most exclusive hotels such as Villa Cora, Hotel dell’Orologio and Hotel Santa Maria Novella. His talent in working with wood expands to wax treatment, or PIUMACCIO or DECAPPATURE. Starting in 2004 he began working in his laboratory located in Via Gherardo Silvani  and remained there until 2011 when he opened his own shop in Piazza Acciaioli in the village of Galluzzo outside Florence.

There, one can find old and new objects, antique and modern furniture all carefully restored by Tommaso Cianchi himself.Visiting his shop you will always find him busy creating, restoring and decorating , putting his rare talent to work in making any object as beautiful as possible.